Why I invested in the Arizona Founders Fund

AZ Founders Fund

Earlier this year I invested in the Arizona Founders Fund (AZFF.co), a new seed-stage venture fund that invests in early-stage software companies in Arizona. The fund has already made five investments in… Read More

5 Startup Lessons Learned from Creating “Gregslist”

Six months ago I published “Gregslist” of Arizona software companies on my website, greghead.com. It started as my personal list of local software companies, built as I reached out to founders and… Read More

A Tale of Two Valleys – Silicon Valley and Phoenix

Two weeks ago, I attended the SaaStr annual conference in San Francisco with several thousand other early stage software company founders and leaders. Ten thousand people gathered in the heart of Silicon… Read More

We Need More Phoenix Entrepreneurs to Think Bigger

Steve Case AOL lunch

A couple months ago, I had lunch with some fellow tech entrepreneurs in downtown Phoenix. It was a really special lunch. Across the table from me was Steve Case, the billionaire co-founder… Read More

The 5 Zones of Phoenix Software Companies – with Interactive Map

There are 5 zones of software companies in Phoenix Almost all of the 500+ software companies in the Phoenix area are in just a few zones. They aren’t all within walking distance… Read More

10 Surprising Facts About the Software Industry in Arizona

I published Gregslist of Arizona Software Companies on this website one month ago, in August 2016. What started as my personal Evernote list of local software companies grew into a thriving web… Read More

The Phoenix Startup Scene is Booming

I have been part of the Phoenix startup and software scene for 20 years. I see ten times more activity in startups and fast-growth software companies in Phoenix than there was just five years ago…. Read More

Greg Head’s Next Exciting Adventure

After almost five years, Friday, October 30, 2015 was my last day at Infusionsoft. It has been an honor to be part of several exciting phases of growth at Infusionsoft and to… Read More

The Basic Elements of the Angel Investor Pitch

Angel investors regularly hear pitches from local entrepreneurs who need money for their growing startups. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs don’t succeed in their first meeting with potential investors. How can you be… Read More

Mastering the Pomodoro Technique in 5 Minutes – Ignite Phoenix Video

Earlier tonight I presented a five-minute speech to 500 people at the Ignite Phoenix event. The topic of my talk was “Mastering the Pomodoro Technique in 5 Minutes.” The Pomodoro Technique is… Read More