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Greg and Felicia Head are moving from Phoenix to Dallas in 2019!

Felicia and I are excited to announce that we’re moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area later this summer in 2019!

Felicia and I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in January 1996, over 23 years ago. Our son Ethan and daughter Emma grew up in Phoenix and both attended college in California. Now they are grown and not coming back to Phoenix. As empty-nesters who like to travel, we started asking ourselves, “Where would we live next? Is Phoenix the place?”

There are plenty of reasons to live in Arizona and stay in Phoenix, but Felicia has a special place in her heart for Texas and her family is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We left Texas in a hurry 25 years ago when ACT! was sold to Symantec in 1993 and we moved with it.

I never looked back, but Felicia never forgot her Texas roots. Fort Worth has always been a special place for her. As they say, “You can take the woman out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of a woman.”

There are lots of good reasons for me to be in Dallas too, but the biggest reason is this is what makes Felicia happy. I’m up for an adventure, so the next step in our crazy journey begins!

We are heading back to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area sometime this summer. We will be putting our Scottsdale house up for sale in May and finding a new place in Texas soon enough.

We wanted to let all our friends know this is happening so we can spend time connecting before we go. This isn’t a final goodbye but it is a big change for us and we’ll dearly miss our Arizona friends and my business pals that we have loved so much. We’ll be back in Phoenix regularly in the future.

My consulting and speaking business is national now, so I spend more time working with crazy founders in other parts of the country than in Arizona. I have many, many friends in Arizona and I will be here often enough. Don’t be surprised to see me around in Phoenix a few times a year as I keep up with clients, partners, and speaking opportunities. I’ll continue to update Gregslist to keep up with the growing software community in Arizona. We will still be keeping up with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram too.

We will miss Arizona sunsets, the beautiful desert, our wonderful neighborhood, sunny days, and many other great things about living in Phoenix.

Mostly we will miss our friends and the many people we have known here. We’ll be back and we’ll stay in touch, but we know it won’t be the same.

Texas here we come!