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Greg Head, CEO of Scaling Point

Scaling Point helps early-stage CEOs and founders who want to grow a substantial and valuable business. We help you discover the Scaling Point hiding inside your company and leverage that advantage to fuel serious growth. Check it out at

During 30 years in the software and technology business, nothing has been more rewarding to me than creating companies with big and meaningful impact in the world and working with great people. I was fortunate to be part of the startup and growth stages of three great companies that have since created over $1 billion in total revenue in the CRM software industry: ACT!, SalesLogix and Infusionsoft.


Founder, Gregslist

Gregslist began as a pet project of Greg Head after a successful 30-year career in the software industry. He first published his personally curated list of Arizona software companies in 2016 to help his friends and fellow software company founders in the Phoenix area.

Now Greg and his team now make the expanded Gregslist available for tech communities in Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Salt Lake City. Gregslist is coming to Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and more cities in 2020.



Gregslist of Dallas-Fort Worth software companies in Texas


Gregslist of Salt Lake City software companies in Utah


Gregslist of software companies in Arizona