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Greg and Felicia Head are moving to Dallas!

Greg and Felicia Head Dallas Texas

March 2019 Felicia and I are excited to announce that we’re moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area later this summer! Felicia and I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in January 1996, over 23… Read More

Think you’ve hit a wall? It’s only the next step.

Like most entrepreneurs who are trying to achieve big things, I pay attention to what’s working and what’s not. Some things are working pretty well for me, so I keep doing them…. Read More

Why I invested in the Arizona Founders Fund

AZ Founders Fund

Earlier this year I invested in the Arizona Founders Fund (, a new seed-stage venture fund that invests in early-stage software companies in Arizona. The fund has already made five investments in… Read More

Long Lines Are Great Marketing In Action

Every business wants a long line of potential buyers ready to purchase (or ready to talk to a salesperson about buying). I take note when I see a long line of eager… Read More

Startup or Small Business? The Crucial Difference is a Choice by Founders

Small businesses and startups look more similar than ever. Quick, can you tell if this is a small business or a startup? Growing 30 percent a year with 10 employees Subscription business model with… Read More