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The Basic Elements of the Angel Investor Pitch

Angel investors regularly hear pitches from local entrepreneurs who need money for their growing startups. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs don’t succeed in their first meeting with potential investors. How can you be… Read More

Mastering the Pomodoro Technique in 5 Minutes – Ignite Phoenix Video

Earlier tonight I presented a five-minute speech to 500 people at the Ignite Phoenix event. The topic of my talk was “Mastering the Pomodoro Technique in 5 Minutes.” The Pomodoro Technique is… Read More

CEO Selling Doesn’t Scale

What’s the biggest difference I see between a $1 million technology company and a $10 million technology company? You might think it’s something like the quality of their products or the size… Read More

Is Your Focus Narrow Enough?

You’ve been working hard to build your new product or launch your service. You’re excited because your first potential customers are still interested in buying from you, despite several delays. Now it’s… Read More

The Two Most Important Questions

Think about it: Who is your customer? What does this customer value? These are two of Peter Drucker’s “Five Most Important Questions” for your organization. I often find myself returning to Drucker’s… Read More