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The 7 Telltale Signs You Have Strategic Problems That Limit Your Growth

When I help CEOs with their growth challenges, I first list of all the problems they face. Then I divide these issues into two buckets – tactical and strategic. Tactical issues exist… Read More

The 5 Zones of Phoenix Software Companies – with Interactive Map

This week I launched the interactive map of Phoenix software companies. This map shows all Arizona-based software companies and remote offices of non-Arizona companies. We can finally see where all our software players are… Read More

The 7 Marketing Strategy Questions for Entrepreneurs

David Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, used to say this: “Marketing is too important to leave to the marketing department.” He knew the strategic questions that drive great marketing execution are the same questions at… Read More

10 Surprising Facts About the Software Industry in Arizona

I published Gregslist of Arizona Software Companies on this website one month ago, in August 2016. What started as my personal Evernote list of local software companies grew into a thriving web… Read More

The first rule of the game is to know what game you are playing

“I have this problem. What should we do?” a busy CEO asked me. “Well, it depends.” The answer depends on your situation and what you are trying to accomplish. It depends on what’s working in… Read More