The Target Market Trap

Ambitious entrepreneurs naturally aim to create large companies in large markets. They make their plans, build their newfangled products, assemble scrappy teams and then set out on their holy quests to be big winners. But most startups don’t make it very far — most fail pretty fast. So what was the key problem? Was it their team, market, plan, “timing” or “not enough capital?” From what I see, capable startup teams chasing… Read More

The Basic Elements of the Angel Investor Pitch

Angel investors regularly hear pitches from local entrepreneurs who need money for their growing startups. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs don’t succeed in their first meeting with potential investors. How can you be more successful with your fundraising efforts? Forget your fancy PowerPoint slides, dynamite demo and tremendous track record. If you can’t tell a simple and compelling story about your business, you won’t get past first base with an investor. Surprisingly, many… Read More