Greg Head

I’m Greg Head

I help CEOs and founders develop stronger growth strategies for their businesses as an advisor and consultant. I also speak to entrepreneur groups regularly and I’m writing my first book.

In the last 25 years I have helped three software companies grow from startup or early stage to global businesses and brands. It started with ACT!, then SalesLogix and most recently, Infusionsoft.



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The Five Epiphanies – The Proven Path to Growing your Startup

I met with two founders of a local startup software company last week. After learning about their history and current situation, we started to dig in on their big question, “How can we grow faster?” Game on. Regardless of company size, my first question is always the same: How are your customers experiencing your product at each stage of their experience? The good news is that this startup has actual customers in the first place. This is a… Read More

The Real Marketing Problem for Startups – Low “Signal Strength” When You Expand

It’s pretty cool to be a startup these days. We see headlines every day about massive success stories like Uber, Snapchat, Facebook and other big companies that started small, had explosive growth and changed the world. We don’t hear about the other 95% of startups that stopped growing, the funded companies that never took off or the apps that didn’t go viral. Starting up can be fun and exhilarating. Getting seriously stuck on the growth journey is a very different story. The brutal reality… Read More

From Entrepreneur to CEO – Great Leaders Create More Leaders

Leadership - Create Great Leaders

I wrote this post years ago for the Infusionsoft blog and it is now posted on Medium. I’m sharing this again because I repeat this story often with early stage CEOs who are on their own leadership journey. You become a leader as soon as you hire employees or contractors to make your business go. Whether you have three team members or twenty employees, you need to move from entrepreneur to being… Read More

Focus on ‘Million Dollar Problems’ to Grow Your Startup Faster

Million Dollar Problems

Your startup has built a software product that has “cool features” that actually work. That’s a big milestone for every startup. The thing actually works! Your customers talk about your product’s features by name and they give you feedback on the user experience. They get it! Don’t be fooled that it’s just about the features of your product. Your product is just a means of solving a bigger problem. If you are not clear about what your target customer’s… Read More

The Myth of “Chinese Math” is Fatal for Entrepreneurs

Chinese Math Myth

Have you heard of “Chinese math?” It goes like this: “If we sell to 1% of all people in China, we’ll have 10 million customers.” In most startup pitch decks, it’s “If we sell just 1% of this big market, we’ll have a billion dollar business!” The math may be right, but most entrepreneurs (and investors) are on the wrong path to get there. And they don’t know it. Most people are also confused about how… Read More