Scaling Point

Scaling Point helps early-stage CEOs and founders who want to grow a substantial and valuable business. We help you discover the Scaling Point hiding inside your company and leverage that advantage to fuel serious growth.

Our clients are CEOs who want to achieve serious growth and build a market-leading companies. They have revenues ranging from $500K to $10M and have some execution results that can be analyzed.

The Startup Challenge is Great

Starting a business has never been easier, but growing a startup and scaling it to become a big business is harder than ever. Most who try get stuck or hit a plateau, including “A-players” and second-time founders, funded companies and “natural-born” entrepreneurs. Early stage growth is always hard.

While most businesses have viable products and services to sell, most don’t have enough pipeline, customers or revenue to sustain steady growth and achieve escape velocity.

You may be still be scrambling to find more new customers, add marketing channels, build new features or products, test new messages, try new marketing tactics, keep changing pricing or hire new employees.

While some experimentation is required when you start a business, it will stunt your growth if you continue trying to sell every possible customer, communicate all your features and keep adding new marketing and sales tactics each week.

This is the “Entrepreneurial ADD Trap” and it doesn’t scale. What works to get your startup going is almost the opposite of what is needed to scale and grow.

Companies that break through and grow big are doing something unique. It’s not just their culture, funding, business model, product-market fit or lean startup iteration. It’s finding their Scaling Point to fuel the transition from startup “ADD” to laser-focused “OCD” growth.

Finding and implementing your Scaling Point will make everything work better, including your marketing, sales, product development, customer satisfaction, employee recruiting and fundraising.

Leveraging your Scaling Point seems like a magic trick, but it isn’t magic. It works every time.

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