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The Startup Story of Guitar Hero, the Mega-Hit That Almost Didn’t Happen

A few months ago, I had a long conversation over dinner with entrepreneur and investor Michael Dornbrook. I got to hear how his startup company went from long-suffering video game creator to… Read More

We Need More Phoenix Entrepreneurs to Think Bigger

Steve Case AOL lunch

A couple months ago, I had lunch with some fellow tech entrepreneurs in downtown Phoenix. It was a really special lunch. Across the table from me was Steve Case, the billionaire co-founder… Read More

Timeless Marketing Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election

The political process is a marketing game. The marketing game is about getting enough people to take action to support your goals. The marketing game is not about being right, having a… Read More

The 7 Telltale Signs You Have Strategic Problems That Limit Your Growth

When I help CEOs with their growth challenges, I first list of all the problems they face. Then I divide these issues into two buckets – tactical and strategic. Tactical issues exist… Read More

The 5 Zones of Phoenix Software Companies – with Interactive Map

There are 5 zones of software companies in Phoenix Almost all of the 500+ software companies in the Phoenix area are in just a few zones. They aren’t all within walking distance… Read More