Information About Arizona SaaS Software Companies

The goal of my list of Arizona Software Companies is to create more exposure and engagement for Arizona software companies to help them grow faster.

  • I personally manage, edit and share this list, with help from an awesome ASU student intern, Jorge Sanchez. I will do my best to keep an accurate, useful and up-to-date list of Arizona SaaS software companies. Updates happen at least once a week.
  • This list is for companies in Arizona whose primary business is software products, platforms or apps. This list is not for non-software companies that happen to be software-enabled, offer a minor software product, or are not software-focused, such as Ecommerce, IoT device hardware, medical technology, software services or biotech.
  • Companies on this list need to have one or more full-time employees and be actively under way with some customers, products and hiring. It’s not a high bar, but it’s the minimum bar.
  • Special thanks to Cory Berg for technical help to make updating the page easy.

Please email me at [email protected] for the following:

  • Suggest a new software company in Arizona for the list
  • Recommend corrections to information on an existing listing
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to make this list more useful
  • Connect with Greg to learn more about the Arizona software ecosystem

This is version 1.3 of this list. Let me know what you think.

Additional Resources for Arizona Software Companies

  • For a complete list of Arizona’s 34 startup incubators and accelerators, 42 coworking spaces and 20+ startup capital organizations, check out the Arizona Startup Resource Directory published by the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA).