The first rule of the game is to know what game you are playing

“I have this problem. What should we do?” a busy CEO asked me. “Well, it depends.” The answer depends on your situation and what you are trying to accomplish. It depends on what’s working in… Read More

The Five Epiphanies – The Proven Path to Growing your Startup

I met with two founders of a local startup software company last week. After learning about their history and current situation, we started to dig in on their big question, “How can we grow faster?”… Read More

The Real Marketing Problem for Startups – Low “Signal Strength”

It’s pretty cool to be a startup these days. We see headlines every day about massive success stories like Uber, Snapchat, Facebook and other big companies that started small, had explosive growth and changed… Read More

From Entrepreneur to CEO – Great Leaders Create More Leaders

I wrote this post years ago for the Infusionsoft blog and it is now posted on Medium. I’m sharing this again because I repeat this story often with early stage CEOs who… Read More

Focus on ‘Million Dollar Problems’ to Grow Your Startup Faster

Your startup has built a software product that has “cool features” that actually work. That’s a big milestone for every startup. The thing actually works! Your customers talk about your product’s features by name… Read More

The Myth of “Chinese Math” is Fatal for Entrepreneurs

Have you heard of “Chinese math?” It goes like this: “If we sell to 1% of all people in China, we’ll have 10 million customers.” In most startup pitch decks, it’s “If we sell just… Read More

My 3 Favorite New Productivity Hacks

As an independent advisor and consultant to CEOs of growing companies, my days are very different from the software executive game I played for over 25 years. In addition to client meetings, advisory calls… Read More

Startup Founders Need to Play the Category Game to Grow Big

Tech startups and innovative businesses are out to create new industries, or at least put new twists on established industries. This creates a challenge for these entrepreneurs. Most are not prepared to answer the question, “What… Read More

What Your Startup Has in Common with The Bra Recyclers

Your startup has something in common with a Phoenix startup called The Bra Recyclers. How you share your credibility has a huge impact on how your story is perceived. Here’s a great example…. Read More

Can Entrepreneurs Change the World and Still Have a Life?

Do entrepreneurs always have to make an either/or choice between running a startup that does big things or creating a manageable business that doesn’t take over the owner’s life? I am writing a book for… Read More